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California is one of the most easily recognized states in the United States. Part of the reason why the Golden State is such a mainstay in movies, music, and television shows is the fact that it is easily one of the most beautiful places in the world. Being one of the largest states, it is home to a varied collection of different landscapes, wildlife, recreational activities, and most importantly, luxury real estate properties. If you are interested in purchasing a California luxury real estate property, there are many reasons why you should be excited. Below, Platinum Luxury Auctions details the most pertinent reasons why you should look towards California for your next real estate investment or purchase. 

Northern California Luxury Real Estate 

Northern California is home to many iconic cities like San Francisco and Sausalito. It is also one of the regions of the United States with the most booming economies and foreign investments. These two factors are conducive to a wide selection of attractive luxury real estate property options for investors. The inclusion of San Francisco also makes Northern California a popular location for luxury real estate properties. Platinum Luxury Auctions offers an abundance of California luxury real estate properties. These include our 600-acre plot of land in Contra Costa County, Santa Cruz Ranch in Corralitos County, and a large plot of land in Tiburon, California. The landscapes that these two properties are on make for a perfect escape from bustling city life while also not straying too far from more populated areas. Notably, the luxury property located in Corralitos County is located 50 miles from Santa Cruz and 85 miles away from San Francisco. 

Southern California Luxury Real Estate 

As mentioned above, California luxury real estate properties offer purchasers many different landscapes. In Southern California, there are much more waterfront luxury properties thanks to the warmer year-round weather. Platinum Luxury Auctions offers many intriguing luxury real estate properties located in Southern California. These include some listings in cities like Los Angeles and San Diego. One of the most notable listings that we have is located in Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego County. To learn more about this listing, visit our website today. 

More About Platinum Luxury Auctions 

We are a luxury real estate auction house that oversees the auction of luxury real estate properties across the United States. Aside from our selection in California, we also could assist you in discovering your dream property. Contact us today to learn more about our New York luxury real estate, Florida luxury real estate, Miami luxury real estate, or Arizona luxury real estate listings. For those interested in learning about international real estate listings, we also oversee the auction of British Virgin Island luxury real estate auctions and Fiji luxury real estate auctions. 

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