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17 May 2023

Unique Estate with Dramatic Views of Sierra Nevada Mtns Heads to Luxury Auction® May 25

An amenity-rich property located just off the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and within a one-hour drive of Lake Tahoe has been scheduled for sale at luxury auction® on May 25….

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16 May 2023

Why Luxury Property Auctions Are The Best Way To Buy And Sell High-End Real Estate

Luxury real estate auctions are rapidly becoming a favorite for buyers and sellers. The appeal of mansion auctions reaches far beyond the thrill and excitement…

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09 May 2023

The Top 5 Advantages of Working With A Luxury Property Auction House

In the world of luxury real estate auctions working with an exceptional luxury property auction house is key. These companies auction one-of-a-kind residences to the…

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25 April 2023

How To Prepare Your Luxury Property For A Successful Auction

Luxury real estate auctions are a superb way to make your property sell without dragging it along the market and depreciating the value. Because of…

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18 April 2023

Why Unique Properties Are Perfect For Luxury Auctions

Buyers and sellers alike get great benefits from auctions as everyone ends up satisfied and victorious. For sellers, auctions allow them to sell their property…

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28 March 2023

How To Get Luxury Real Estate Auction Listings As A Realtor?

Luxury real estate auctions allow sellers to retain privacy throughout the listing and property-selling process. Realtors working in luxury home auctions facilitate private previews for…

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21 March 2023

Will Auctions Be The Preferred Method To Buy & Sell Luxury Properties In The Future?

Luxury real estate property is recognized as the most exclusive, elusive, and beautiful in the world. These estates are categorized as luxury only if they…

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28 February 2023

How to Find Luxury Real Estate Auctions?

It’s been a year and some change since a global pandemic swept through and drastically changed the trajectory of industries, and real estate was no…

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24 February 2023

Here Are 5 of The Most Recent Ultra-Luxury Properties For Sale Around the World

At Platinum Luxury Auctions, we’re in the business of luxury real estate auctions. We connect buyers and sellers with an alternative method for real estate….

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25 January 2023

What Are The Difference Between Luxury Property Auction & Traditional Home Auction?

With unprecedented market volatility across all real estate sectors, handling assets can be difficult. Sellers are looking for ways to maximize their sales prices, and…

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18 January 2023

Who Benefits the Most from a Luxury Home Auction?

With an aggressive marketing program out there, sellers of a luxury property will no doubt be exposed to a wide number of pre-qualified buyers from…

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28 December 2022

How Does a Broker Decide When Their Client Should Have an Auction Versus a Regular Sale?

Luxury real estate auctions are becoming the norm for selling luxury homes and mansions. When it comes to high-ticket homes and large commercial properties, auctions…

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22 December 2022

How to Prepare Your Client For A Luxury Real Estate Auction

Real estate auctions are a great way to sell property in an effective, efficient, and reliable way. With an accelerated timeline of selling, and omitting…

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30 November 2022

Will The Looming Recession Affect Luxury Real Estate?

In recent trends, real estate has been booming for the past few years. In the seller’s market, mortgage rates and inventory were reaching new lows….

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30 November 2022

Is There A Best Time Of The Year To Buy/Sell At A Luxury Property Auction?

Everyone who’s a luxury seller or buyer knows that the more “Days on Market” (DOM) the house is, the more damage can be done. If…

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27 October 2022

Are Luxury Real Estate Auctions For Everyone?

Luxury real estate is based on exclusivity, refinement, attention to detail and historic or innovative design, and unmatched quality. It doesn’t take much to know…

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21 October 2022

Has Soaring Real Estate Prices Affected Luxury Properties?

Whether or not you are a real estate investor, homeowner, or just your average Joe, it was impossible not to notice the dramatic effect of…

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28 September 2022

Thinking of Bidding on a Luxury Estate? Read This First.

Previously, estate or property auctions were thought of as a way to avoid foreclosure or as a final attempt to rid a seller of a…

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28 September 2022

The Benefits of Auctioning Your Luxury Property

Many property owners are opting to forgo traditional listing and negotiated sales for luxury real estate auctions. However, as it’s a newer concept for many…

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26 August 2022

The Top 10 Current Trends for Luxury Estates

If luxury real estate auctions are any indication, the trends of today’s high-end estates are indicative of buyers’ values. The most common mansion auction will…

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24 August 2022

The Entire Process of Bidding on a Luxury Real Estate Auction

Purchasing a luxury property through real estate auctions is becoming increasingly popular because it not only offers the buyers and sellers privacy but it guarantees…

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26 July 2022

Which Cities Have the Most Luxury Real Estate Auctions?

The impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic have had a major effect on the housing market in totality, increasing the median prices of houses on the…

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20 July 2022

Why Luxury Real Estate Auctions Are Becoming a Popular Selling Strategy?

While putting up a ‘for sale’ sign on the lawn and subsequently holding open houses on the weekends may be the average person’s first thought…

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29 June 2022

The Top 10 Celebrity-Owned Luxury Estates Around the Globe

Today we’ll cover some of the most expensive celebrity luxury estates. Some of these compounds are listed at record-shattering prices. Each…

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21 June 2022

What Defines an Ultra-Luxury Home?

Luxury real estate. The term is tossed around so many times but can vary considerably based on location. Around the globe…

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27 May 2022

Top 5 Biggest Mistakes When Selling Luxury Homes

One of the most stressful life events involves selling and moving homes, but truthfully it doesn’t have to be.

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27 May 2022

7 Myths About High End Real Estate Auctions

Sellers of high-end, luxury properties are now seeking a different model of selling their homes. It’s not uncommon to search for alternative methods after being…

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20 May 2022

Why This Fund Manager Paid $15 Million for a Painting Estimated at $200,000

Bill Perkins came to Christie’s and sparked an epic bidding war. He says it was worth it.

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04 May 2022

200-Acre Colorado Ranch Heads to Auction With No Reserve

A 200-acre Colorado ranch at the base of the La Plata Mountains is hitting the auction block this week.

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24 March 2022

How Do Luxury Real Estate Agent Find Their Clients?

As a luxury real estate auction house, we understand the complications of finding high-end clients. Finding qualified buyers for luxury properties is complicated because these…

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