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Which States Have the Most Luxury Homes for Sale in the United States? 

The United States is full of luxury homes, and each state brings something different when it comes to luxury home real estate. Whether it be the valleys and deserts of California or apartments that adorn the skyline of major cities like Miami or New York, each luxury property reflects the personality of the state and its population. As one of the premier luxury home auction companies in the market, Platinum Luxury Auctions is ready to give you a summary of where you could find the best luxury homes for sale in the United States.

California Luxury Real Estate 

California is one of the most iconic states in the United States because of its presence in movies, TV shows, and worldwide recognition of the lavish lifestyles of some of its residents. What makes California a good place to purchase luxury real estate property is that there are many different ecosystems and environments to place a home. There is luxury oceanfront real estate, and even properties overlooking vineyards or valleys. Some of our most recent California luxury real estate properties for sale include some in Tiburon, CA, and Santa Cruz.

New York Luxury Real Estate 

The most popular place in the Empire State when it comes to luxury homes for sale is New York City. Despite being one of the most expensive cities in the world, New York City has no shortage of luxurious apartments and penthouses. There are more locations in New York than just the big city. New York is spacious outside of New York City, and there are more cities where mansions and properties are built, like Tupper Lake and other areas in the state.

Arizona Luxury Real Estate 

Arizona is a popular place for luxury real estate thanks to the spacious desert that could host mansions and other kinds of luxury properties. Our most recent Arizona luxury estate property is the Paradise Valley estate in Paradise Valley, Arizona. This property, like many other villas and mansions located in a desert, tries to mimic an oasis in the middle of a desert by borrowing principles from Spanish and Moorish architecture. 

Florida Luxury Real Estate 

Florida is home to Miami. Miami luxury real estate is characterized by an interesting mix of modern and classic architecture. The modern sections of the city like Brickell and Downtown Miami host modern skyscrapers and penthouses. A good example of this is our newest property in the Brickell Flatiron District. 

More About Our Luxury Home Auction Company 

Platinum Luxury Auctions is one of the top luxury real estate auction companies in the United States. We believe that auction houses are the best way for people wondering how to sell luxury real estate. We specialize in connecting people who are interested in buying and selling luxury homes for sale in the United States. To learn more about our services for buyers, sellers, and brokers, contact us today

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