Purchasing Luxury Real Estate at Auction

Platinum’s luxury auction® process is designed to provide qualified buyers with exceptional purchase opportunities. Through its considerable experience, Platinum Luxury Auctions® has built an extensive, global database of high-net-worth buyers. Many of these buyers prefer buying luxury real estate at auction, as well as other high-value purchases. By only contacting these buyers with special auction opportunities, the firm maintains a positive and communicative relationship with them.

Much of the due diligence for a luxury auction® property is completed in advance and readily available for review. Terms of sale are simple and straightforward. Contingencies and prolonged negotiations are eliminated. And most importantly, auctions allow a buyer to control his level of participation and NAME THE PRICE he is willing to pay for the property.

Please contact Platinum for information on luxury auction® registration, buying luxury real estate at auction, or to be added to the firm’s private mailing list. Buyers are also encouraged to review a sample of luxury auction® feedback from both buyers and buyer’s agents on the Testimonials page.

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Why Purchase a Luxury Auction® ?

In most traditional real estate negotiations, there is very little certainty for the purchaser. Sellers have the ability to counter or reject any offer, leaving many buyers to feel like their time is wasted if they put forth an offer that reflects their personal perception of value for a given property, but that may be quite out of line with the listed price.
Many brokerage negotiations are shrouded in mystery, with threats of “other buyers” and “competing offers” being frequently used but rarely verified. Purchasers therefore become less inclined to engage in negotiations. Conversely, Platinum’s luxury auction® process allows buyers to bid on a property in a live, real-time environment, providing assurance as to the marketplace’s real response to a given property. Secure, confident buyers are happy buyers, and buying luxury real estate at auction provides that important assurance.
Very few people truly enjoy negotiating, as it’s often a very frustrating process. In the world of luxury real estate, purchase and sale negotiations are notoriously prone to collapse.

The luxury real estate auction process is essentially without negotiation. The terms of sale for a given auction are established well in advance, and the bidders then arrive on auction day to place bids according to those terms. If the terms are met or exceeded, the high bidder makes a purchase deposit, and closes on the sale within 30 days. If the terms are not met, the parties can move on with other pursuits. It’s that simple.

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