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As a luxury real estate auction house, we understand the complications of finding high-end clients. Finding qualified buyers for luxury properties is complicated because these are usually in an exclusive group that needs a high income or net worth. If you are interested in luxury properties and wondering how home auctions businesses like ours get their clients, Platinum Luxury Auctions has the answer.

What Is a High-End Client? 

Simply put, in the context of luxury real estate auctions, a high-end client is qualified to purchase very expensive or luxury real estate. This includes clients with a very high net worth that could comfortably afford a very expensive home. High-end clients are also considered those that have all the necessary paperwork for participating in international property auctions. Sometimes, getting licenses from different countries to purchase property is a lengthy and expensive process. Real estate agents and brokerages often filter out candidates by their ability to afford certain licenses and paperwork that goes into purchasing a high-end property. 

How Do Real Estate Agents Get High-End Clients? 

One of the most common ways real estate agents target high-end clients is by using the same resources or products that this clientele typically purchases. That includes luxury cars, boats, gold club dealers, or tax lawyers. Clients in these businesses’ radars are usually the ones that are more qualified and interested in a prime location, high-end amenities, and the prestigious history of a luxury home. Our extensive network of real estate agents and brokers is extremely adept at finding qualified buyers for the properties that we have for listing.

More About Platinum Luxury Auctions 

We are a luxury real estate auction house dedicated to providing our high-end clients with an unmatched luxury auction experience. We oversee mansion auctions, villa auctions, and many other kinds of auctions around the United States. Contact us today to learn more about our Florida luxury real estate, California luxury real estate, Miami luxury real estate, and other luxury real estate properties. 

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