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What makes a home a mansion? Mansions are much more than a big home, and no one knows this more than Platinum Luxury Auctions. Everything from square footage to who designed the property contributes to its qualification as a mansion. Below are more details of what features of a home make it qualify as a mansion.

How Many Square Feet is a Mansion? 

Luxury real estate agents widely agree that a home must have 8,000 feet to be considered a mansion. While 8,000 square feet is rather large, there are many other homes and real estate properties that have sprawling grounds that cover much more than 8,000 square feet. Also, just because a home is 8,000 square feet or more does not mean that it is already a mansion. Mansions need to have other amenities to be considered one. 

What Are Luxury Mansion Amenities? 

The most important factor in determining what makes a home a mansion is the amenities it has. The indoor sections of the home need to have gourmet kitchens, formal dining rooms, master suites, game/recreation rooms, a library, fitness rooms, and maybe offices. 

The outdoor sections need to be expansive and have tennis courts, outdoor kitchens, putting greens, and maybe even pond(s) or water features.

Also, to be a true mansion, a home needs to have been designed by a specific architect. Whether it is a classic Tudor, contemporary, Mediterranean, or any other style, the home needs to be constructed by a custom builder. This means that each mansion should have a unique look and layout. 

More About Platinum Luxury Auctions

We are a luxury real estate auction house that oversees mansion auctions, villa auctions, home auctions, and other kinds of auctions around the United States and other international property auctions around the world. We offer luxury estate around the world, some of our selections are in the British Virgin Islands and Fiji. In the United States, we can facilitate the sale of Miami luxury real estate, Florida luxury real estate, and New York luxury real estate. Contact us today to learn more about our services designed for brokers, sellers, and buyers.

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