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Luxury Condo in Brickell Set for Auction

Miami Luxury Real Estate for Sale: Brickell Condo Set for Luxury Auction

Platinum Luxury Auctions will be hosting the auction of a luxury penthouse located in Miami’s cosmopolitan Brickell sector. This property will surely become a staple of the Miami luxury real estate community for years to come. What makes this Miami real estate luxury condo one-of-a-kind is the fact that it is a stone’s throw away from world-class restaurants, bars, art galleries, and boutiques. Additionally, if there is one thing that separates Miami from any other city in the United States, it is its exquisite views of the ocean and skyline. The designer of this Brickell Flatiron luxury condo is none other than Ugo Colombo, who made an effort to showcase all that Miami has to offer with this condo.  

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