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For some purchasers of luxury real estate properties, buying properties overseas could be an attractive option. There are many beautiful destinations for people that are interested in international luxury real estate, but finding the best destination for you could be difficult.

Caribbean Luxury Real Estate 

Caribbean luxury real estate is very attractive because of the proximity to beaches, great weather, and access to great outdoor activities. One of the most popular options for a Caribbean international luxury real estate listing is the British Virgin Islands. One of our most recent listings is a perfect example of this. Villa Katsura is the name given to our latest beautiful British Virgin Island luxury real estate property. This property epitomizes the beauty and luxury that purchasers of Caribbean luxury real estate properties look for. Boasting a 180-degree view of Drake’s Channel and Little Dix Bay, the property was modeled after Japanese styles. The Japanese influence is also reflected in the three koi ponds and meditative weeping walls at the entrance of the estate. 

Fiji Luxury Real Estate 

Located much farther away from the United States, Fiji is an attractive destination for purchasers interested in overseas investments for much of the same reasons that it’s Caribbean counterparts call the attention of investors. For one, the beautiful landscapes of the pacific ocean make for most of these properties having beautiful landscapes to be enjoyed from the comfort of home. Also, the renowned beaches are a paradise for surfing and other kinds of water activities that accompany luxury waterfront properties. One of our latest Fiji luxury real estate properties is a private island with beautiful ocean views. 

More About Platinum Luxury Auctions 

We are a luxury auction house that is dedicated to overseeing the successful auctions of luxury real estate properties around the United States and the world. We offer real estate properties located in many areas of the United States, each with different characteristics and amenities. To learn more about our Miami luxury real estate, South Florida luxury real estate, Florida luxury real estate, Arizona luxury real estate, New York real estate, or other properties, visit our listings page or contact us to learn more.

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