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Buyers and sellers alike get great benefits from auctions as everyone ends up satisfied and victorious. For sellers, auctions allow them to sell their property quickly and consider strong offers that end up with deals, which potentially saves them a big sum of money when it comes to marketing and management fees. For buyers, auctions are great alternatives to traditional selling modes because they can benefit from the savings that the sellers accrue, which is seen in the form of auction prices.

At Platinum Luxury Auctions we know that auctions offer a solvent marketing strategy for properties that are hard to assess or that need lots of marketing work.

Properties that are known to be advantageous to the auction process are as follows:

  • Unique properties due to their nature or location
  • Properties that struggle to show market value
  • Markets are prone to fluctuations, rendering prior sales irrelevant
  • Properties with high carrying costs
  • Properties whose potential buyer is known, but the seller desires to confirm value and control terms of sale
  • Situations where the seller has a pre-established timeline, from marketing to closing.

There are several advantages to buying at an auction, including the ability for buyers to set their own price, the reliability that the seller is committed to the sale, equality amongst bidders, no seller bidding at auctions hosted by Platinum, and no prolonged negotiation periods.


  • Selling properties through auctions can sometimes take only around 10 weeks, saving sellers large sums of money by reducing marketing, management, and carrying costs.
  • Auctions allow sellers to have more holistic control over the selling process.
  • Mitigate risks and maximize returns with predetermined sales processes.
  • Auctions allow for an almost 100% closing rate, increasing the likelihood of a deal occurring.
  • The deadline at auctions motivates potential buyers to make real offers for a property.
  • Auctions allow prospective buyers to be more focused and motivated.
  • Auctions allow for alternative and unique marketing strategies.
  • Properties are viewed and shown on a pre-planned schedule, boosting sellers’ ease and convenience.
  • With multiple properties for sale in a bulk sale, it can attract individual buyers to a variety of assets.

The marketing and closing of the auctions are engineered to bring the seller into the process and deliver holistic updates.

Accelerated Luxury Real Estate Marketing via Auction vs. Traditional Marketing

As opposed to traditional real estate marking, a sped-up global campaign with a luxury property auction for an upscale property is very different. While price, location, and uniqueness are all key components, the critical differentiator lies in the minds of luxury property buyers. These buyers do not typically want to purchase property on a timeline, resulting in extended market time. To oppose this, a luxury real estate auction has an accelerated closing process to create a sense of urgency for buyers to take action.

Why You Should Auction Your Luxury Home

Affluent homeowners may opt for a more efficient sale through a luxury real estate auction instead of the conventional online listing process for several reasons. Unique luxury dwellings are typically on the market for long amounts of time, eliciting frustration and adding up substantial carrying costs as time goes on. An auction generates a sense of urgency that captures the interest of elite buyers and propels them to act quickly. Sellers and agents enjoy this concept as the benefits of auctioning a luxury property are varied, including increased efficiency, greater demand, and transactions that don’t drag on.

Worldwide marketing is only focused on the seller’s property. With a definite timeframe for potential buyers to make decisions, urgent outcomes appear in a little over a month, resulting in getting the amount of the property’s full market worth. The property is sold as is, with predetermined sales in full effect so no further negotiations are needed.

Platinum Auctions boasts a remarkable success rate for selling at a mansion auction. When property owners choose to collaborate with us, they don’t have to worry about a long-drawn-out selling process because of our creation of buyer urgency. Our modus operandi involves the utmost integrity and transparency, and we utilize honesty to provide a wholesome, holistic selling and buying network. With our tried-and-true process of presenting properties to a range of potential buyers, buyers are more likely to take action and fully immerse themselves in the auction process, ultimately bringing profits to their highest possible rate.

Luxury real estate tends to bring excitement and heighten interest in luxury, unique, rare properties and gives buyers a sense of urgency to act fast. Engagement also is due to this timeline and is unable to be fulfilled through traditional selling and marketing methods.

Real estate marketing pales in comparison to the efficient campaign of a luxury property auction. If a home isn’t touched for a while on a market, it can tend to develop a negative stigma against it. This is why homeowners look to auctions to shorten the gap of a home on the market and have it sell faster. Instead of consistently lowering the listing price to bring more buyers towards it, auctions greatly enhance the market value and allow for the highest possible bid.

With Platinum Auctions’ accelerated marketing process, we generate interest and increase the property value through tried-and-true methods. We garner support and fervent interest among buyers, and thus the true market value of your property is never diminished. Luxury real estate auctions are not the last resort but rather your best option in terms of efficiency and maximized profit.

To find out whether your luxury property meets the criteria for our accelerated marketing process, talk to one of our associates today at Platinum Luxury Auctions where we auction luxury homes to gain insight into selling your luxury home.

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