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In the world of luxury real estate auctions working with an exceptional luxury property auction house is key. These companies auction one-of-a-kind residences to the most elite, exclusive, and motivated buyers from the United States and beyond. Estate owners choose luxury property auction houses as they ensure their property not only garners a fair market price but an exceptional offer that reflects the beauty and value of the estate.

Yet the benefits of working with a luxury property auction house are not reserved for the homeowner. Buyers interested in the best value for the most stunning estates also benefit. Working with a company composed of experts can be the difference between a drawn-out process, with endless negotiations, and a lightning-fast sale that earns you the property of your dreams in record time. The advantages of working with a luxury property auction house are endless, but here is our list of the top five.

  1. Experienced Professionals Recognize Greatness

To understand the intrinsic value of a luxury property, a company must have years of specialized experience in the market. Luxury property auction houses are not immune to the grandeur of a beautiful home, but they look beyond simply assessing comparable properties.

Luxury property owners find that run-of-the-mill auction houses often do not recognize the value of their estate. Most owners have spent years of their lives and millions of dollars custom-building their property from the ground up. Working with a luxury property auction house assures owners that factors including master craftsmanship, tasteful design elements, and award-winning architects are considered, along with the location, grounds, details, historical components, eco-friendly assets, and artistry, before reaching a valuation.

Working with a group of individuals who have dedicated their lives to understanding what makes a property unique means buyers are presented with the most distinguished and impressive estates. Properties that offer unique elements that stand out from the other multimillion-dollar listings one may see on the market.

  1. Luxury Services With Expertise & Professionalism

With all luxury real estate, professionalism is paramount. Luxury real estate auctions require a level of service that extends beyond that standard. With Platinum Luxury Auctions, a master plan is designed to suit the property owners’ needs. After setting the auction date, the team of professionals tours the property strategies internally and with the owner. Then meticulous research into the market trends is conducted. The advantage of working with a luxury property auction house is their innovative abilities to analyze the market, research the property concerning comparables, and pull from their vast pool of eligible buyers.

Regarding buyers, working with luxury property auction houses provides access to outstanding estates around the world, places they may not be able to reach physically. Select buyers may have a point of contact but lack a relationship that delivers comfort. That can only come from trusted confidants. Trust, reputation, and expertise mean more to buyers than anything else. Partnering with a company famous for its work assures that buyers view the most exceptional properties that meet their every desire.

  1. Marketing Efforts Make The Sale Simple

Working with a luxury property auction house allows property owners to delegate, knowing that a pointed marketing effort executed by the best of the best will showcase their estate. During this phase of the auction process, luxury real estate companies use talented photographers to capture the splendor of the home. They create artful high-quality stills and marketing videos. Then they assemble website designs, social media campaigns, email campaigns, and more, with captivating copy, for an irresistible listing.

When searching for their next investment estate or a new luxury property to call home, buyers want to see the space for all that it is. Hopes for adequately engaging with a luxury estate are thwarted when all they find are low-grade images, minimal videography, and the glossing over of the property’s complexities. As buyers often do not live in the city or country they are looking to purchase in, this can be frustrating! However, choosing to work with a luxury auction property house allows one to tour the estate virtually, with the certainty that no stone is left unturned.

  1. Time Is Valued

As traditional real estate sales deals come to a grinding halt with contingencies, it is clear why the auction of luxury homes is an advantage. Both parties benefit from a date-certain sale. The process of high-end real estate auctions is completed in a matter of months, typically 60 days or less. A luxury property auction house knows the value of both parties’ time.

The auction is set 4-6 weeks after an initial meeting, and bidding only lasts a few minutes.

A luxury mansion auction can run this way as valuations and due diligence are done beforehand, so buyers are ready to bid, and sellers are prepared to sell. Once the auction has ended, buyers pay a non-refunded deposit. The sale contract is finalized in no more than 30 days, frequently lasting just a few days, depending on the predetermined terms of the settlement. Luxury property auction companies work at this pace to provide owners with relief from sky-high upkeep expenses of their estates throughout negotiations. And so, buyers may begin the next chapter of their lives in their new divine property.

  1. Fair Market Prices Are Met

While the fast pace of a property auction can send sellers into a flurry of fear, luxury real estate auctions do lead to a fair-market price. There are several types of real estate auctions, some with more risk and more opportunity for reward. As luxury property auction houses know the value of luxury estates, they know how to advise owners on which form of the auction will be most agreeable. They share their insight into bidding, into cultivating the ever exciting and fruitful bidding war and buyers into the best auctions available.

Platinum Luxury Auctions was founded in 2011 and has set the standard in mansion auctions ever since. We simplify the sale of luxury real estate by connecting qualified buyers with the estates on the market, providing advantages for all. Visit Platinum Luxury Auctions to find your slice of heaven or reach out to auction luxury homes with the most elite professionals in luxury real estate.

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