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Building a luxury home requires an investment. You invest money into every little detail, including furniture, light fixtures, home accessories, and much, much more. So, how to protect all your precious items from burglars and intruders? If you are a luxury estate owner or looking to purchase a luxury home, for example, at a mansion auction as we have at Platinum Luxury Auctions, then you might be considering what preventative measures you can take to keep it safe.

The benefits of living in a luxury home outweigh the risks of course. You’re privy to intimate relaxation, expansive space for an evolving family, and a set of rooms you can design and utilize for a variety of reasons. The only negative or risk, in this case, would be crimes like robbery and personal injury–luxury homes are targets for criminals looking to get a cut of your wealth and possessions.

As experts in auction luxury homes, it doesn’t matter if it’s a luxury or lavish estate in Beverly Hills or a quiet yet grand hideaway in Massachusetts, the fact throughout time is that these types of properties are always prime subjects of criminal activity. Experts tend to agree that burglary is among the most common of crimes. Because of that, there are some things you could consider that will help you avoid potential threats to privacy, safety, theft, and property invasion.

1. Look into using Panic Buttons

There may be times when you’re home alone during emergencies. In such cases, avoid dealing with the burglar on your own. We recommend calling the authorities immediately to tame the situation. Dialing numbers when you’re in a high-stress state may be a difficult task. You could fumble the number, drop your phone, or make too much noise if you’re hiding. That’s where a panic button comes into play.

Panic buttons are handy in that they can send signals to notify different types of emergency services such as police and fire stations, or hospitals. You can keep them in multiple areas around your house, but for extra precaution, experts recommend you keep one on your person in case of emergencies.

2. Keep A Secure Vault In Your Home

It’s never smart to display your valuables for people to peruse, reach, or see them. We wouldn’t recommend just leaving out high-value items in your living room, open shelves, and open cabinets, especially if your property features large open windows, so it’s best to keep those valuable pieces hidden and safe. Vaults are a great option for stowing away your valuables.

Vaults are typically among one of the best, most secure storage places you can use to secure and monitor your precious items like jewelry, finances, or antiques. Burglars may enter your place for several reasons. With a safe though, there’s less of a chance they’ll take your possessions.

3. Aim To Purchase Glass Break Sensors

Burglars typically enter homes by breaking through windows and glass panels. This classic burglar method is one way to bypass the sensors installed at the entrance. With glass break sensors, however, if they break through the glass, you’ll receive an alert about unauthorized access.

Glass break sensors are very common among theft-alarm systems. By detecting a glass panel shattering, you can automatically receive notifications through your phone when break-ins occur and you’re not around to witness or hear.

4. Look Into Security Fences

Security fences are most people’s go-to option to strengthen their property’s protection. We recommend a high fence or gate to keep it difficult for criminals to access and witness your property.

To enhance the security of your fences, opt to equip them with devices that keep climbers out. There are additions you can make to your fences to keep criminals out and keep them from jumping and climbing over. Some of these options include barbed wires, electric pulse wires, and razor spikes. One other idea is to customize your current fence with the extra accessories. Every accessory has a high price point, but it’s worth it to offer protection for your luxury property that’s worth millions more.

5. Security Guards For Added Protection

Owning a luxury mansion means that security guards are a consideration. They can be that extra source of strength and protection for you and your property. Having trained security staff gives you peace of mind that technology pales in comparison to.

In case of an emergency, trained professionals can help you and protect your physical safety when it comes to criminal acts and intrusions. If criminals see security patrolling around the perimeter of your luxury property, they’ll be less likely to trespass and commit a crime.

6. Firearms Can Help

A trained professional with a gun is not to be messed with. If you or your family is not trained in gun ownership, consider getting some training and having a gun in your home. You’d only use it for emergencies, of course, but keep it hidden and secure and locked away from children.

Home defense guns made specifically for home emergencies and intruders are great to keep for added protection, like pistols and shotguns. These types of guns are easy to operate and accessible. Take extra measures when owning a gun so you can keep away from injuries and fatalities.

Consider learning how to use a gun the right and safe way so you can feel comfortable with it in your home and have a more improved aim.

7. High-Tech Security Cameras Are Your Friend

Security cameras are a staple for all properties. Living in a luxury property, there’s no exception not to have them. High-tech security cameras around the perimeter of your area and inside your home are great ways to get that added sense of safety and comfort. And there’s proof in the camera footage if it comes to that. Criminals are less likely to embark on their burglary or theft if they know that they’re being recorded.

Cameras are great for recording everything even when you’re not in the vicinity. Have that peace of mind when you’re on a trip or even indoors and occupied. The recordings can be used later if it comes to help local law enforcement identify the culprit, without you having to provide an eyewitness account from yourself or someone else.

8. Security Lighting At Nighttime

Most criminal activities take place at night, like burglary, theft, and invasion. This way, people won’t be able to see their actions and trespassing. They can pass by silently. Security lighting that turns on and off automatically is your advantage over criminal activity. With this type of specific technology, criminals are taking bigger risks and are less likely to do so. It’ll make it easier for you to witness what’s going on and spot suspicious activity before they can go through with anything, even outside your place.

Opt for motion-sensing lights that trigger when there’s suspicious activity or movement in and around your house. Lights can assist you in catching the criminals before or during the act.

9. Digital Locking System For Your Entrances

Entrances with digital locking solutions are great alternatives to a plain old door. Digital locks are a little more difficult to open manually because they are different than the classic pin and tumbler mechanism. Digital locks require a fingerprint, eye scan, and facial recognition. For that added level of security, you can use passcodes or an RFID card with bio scans.

Final Words

It takes a large sum of money to build a lavish home, so it’s crucial to protect it. To guarantee that your place is secure, consider using some of these useful technologies, such as an advanced locking system, bulletproof doors, strong fences, security lighting, and cameras. These tools may be expensive, but they’ll be worth it.

It takes a lot of money to build a luxurious home, so it’s important to preserve it. If you’re interested in purchasing a luxury home, consider Platinum Luxury Auctions, where we specialize in luxury real estate auctions.

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